For Parents

A program for students – Teaching kids not to be victims. One of the worse things that can happen to a child is to be a victim of relentless bullying. With this program students will learn how to quickly and easily solve their bullying problems without anyone’s help, and without getting anyone into trouble. This program can be delivered to individual students who are being bullied, to small groups, and to classrooms.

Cyberbullying – Would you give your children a car and let them drive it without having learned how to use it properly and how to avoid the dangers of the road? Would you expect the police to be able to protect kids while they are driving so they don’t crash? Of course not! Yet that is exactly what we are doing with electronic communication. We give our children cell phones and internet access without any training and expect the adult authorities to protect them from each other. SUP teaches the 13 points that kids need to know in order to safely navigate the internet and the proper usage of cell phones. This program is available to parents, teaching staff, and students.