Bullying Basics

Most anti-bullying programs take a legalistic approach to bullying whereby such behaviours are banned, perpetrators are punished and/or rehabilitated, and victims must be protected. Bullying is an inevitable part of social life, so that any individual who becomes a target needs to learn how to deal with it, not to be protected from it. Certain behaviours are crimes and are best dealt with by the legal justice system. Most activities labeled bullying, while being negative and undesirable, are not criminal and are best dealt with by the individual. Going to the authorities should be a last resort, not the first, in dealing with non-criminal bullying.

Most bullying experts, as well as the media, have been portraying the horrors of bullying and the difficulty in combating it, thus promoting hysteria among the public. Thanks to Izzy Kalman’s approach to dealing with bullying, we need to reduce public hysteria with the goal being for the public to realize that bullying is a normal, inevitable part of life that we all must deal with, and that the modern application of ancient wisdom can provide a simple and lasting solution.

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