150 Apologies

We did it, will you?

Apologize that is. This year in recognition of Canada’s 150th birthday, Student Unity Project will be collecting 150 apologies from across the nation and putting them on our video – why? because we want to be role models to the world that Canadians do not, will not, tolerate bullying in all of its forms. And we are not bystanders – we are upstanders.

So, no matter your age, gender, orientation, religion, colour of your skin, or any other differences – we are looking to all Canadians to bring our country together and to show the world that we stand up against bullying, by-standing, and exclusion.

You can apologize via video or by taking a picture of a note apologizing. You can apologize with a group of your friends, your school, or individually. To submit your apology please include the hashtag #150Apologies and follow the submission process at the bottom of this page. If you’d like, you can also share your video or photo on social media using the hashtag #150Apologies.

Is your high school a role model to other schools in creating a safer school environment?  Enter your high school to collect the most apologies and your school could win our $500.00 cash prize!  Contest closes September 30, 2017.

Photo Submission

Video Submission