Bullies 2 Buddies Student Recruitment

This summer, the SUP Team is receiving training from Bullies 2 Buddies, a program run by Israel Kalman, whose “mission is to increase harmony in the school, home, workplace and society at large. It is dedicated to promoting the practical application of the Golden Rule, the most effective and inexpensive way to replace hostility with harmony.” Bullies to Buddies teaches how to understand the Golden Rule as a scientific, psychological formula and how to apply it in real life. They will be providing materials and trainings to us, to then train high school students and prevent bullying within schools across the GTA and eventually, across the nation.


In order to complete this training, we will be working (alongside Mr. Kalman) directly with bullied students throughout the training process. If you are a bullied student, or know of any bullied students between the ages of 7 and 18 who would benefit from pairing up with us for this training process, reach out to us today.


The assistance that our students receive would be free of charge, and help in empowering them against their bullies.


If you are interested, email emily@studentunityproject.com for more information.