Students of St. Lucy

 Emily Fata  April 5th, 2017   

Written by: Emily Fata

It was a time when I was a preteen in transition, knowing full well the gravity of my words and actions, yet lacking the maturity (by choice) to ignore this truth. I was the new girl in school, desperate to make friends in my grade seven class, regardless if it was at the expense of those around me. I found myself hanging around the first group of girls who were remotely friendly to me and both agreeing and going along with everything they said in order to make them like me. Even when they gossiped and outright bullied many of the other kids’ in our classes.

Looking back on it now, what’s worse about this situation is that I knew how it felt to be bullied; feeling ostracized, belittled, and outright degraded was not something that was foreign to me, yet I nonetheless laughed along and never voiced the uncomfortableness that I felt in going along with the whole thing. Looking in, one would never know that I had felt bad about it at the time, because I participated in it so willingly.

So to each and every person who I remained a silent bystander to, I’m so incredibly sorry.