Elect Kindness Instead

 Emily Fata  January 10th, 2017   

Written by: Emily Fata


With the recent resurfacing of Trump supporters, I could not help myself from reacting to this through a blog post. Working for Student Unity Project (and keeping to one of my New Year’s resolutions, which was to do everything humanly possible to never be a bystander), I feel that writing this is the best way in which I can stand up for something I KNOW is beyond wrong. In fact, the word ‘wrong’ doesn’t even begin to encompass how detrimental this is to humanity as a whole.


At the end of this month, we will have to face the horror that is Donald Trump’s inauguration. All of his clear acts of bullying and disrespect are so powerfully heart-wrenching that those who have a heart for humanity are left feeling this desperate and sickening sense of fear for the future of what we thought was a Modern Society. This is because all of this, as the beautifully brilliant Meryl Streep stated during Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards: “wasn’t in a movie, it was real life”.


We are moving forward in time chronologically, but at the same time, it seems as if we are falling behind and repeating the mistakes of history. I genuinely do not understand how watching the presidential election can quite literally make me and so many others cry in fear for what is to come for North American (and ultimately, global) society, while others cheer and begin to immediately put their celebratory actions into effect: racist graffiti covering countless buildings, threats against minorities being made, and the shocking prevalence of the KKK and other White supremacy groups that are excited to be making their stance known to the world. This is because people who were thinking these very unacceptable thoughts are now being told that it is okay.


Much like the poor parenting skills of a mother or father who simply laugh off the bad behaviour of their child, or who only lightly say, “Oh, no! That’s not nice”, the child will never learn their lesson. This subset in society is serving as a means to foster hatred. It is stoking the fires of division, of Us vs. Them. It is pushing to make others feel weak via one’s own self-empowerment and perceived self-entitlement. And as this president-elect has done; is doing; and will continue to do, denial of the terrible things he has both said and put into action will be repudiated and/or twisted around. He will never truly reprimand the outcry of racism and belittlement of The Other because he is leading this group of people by example.


But what can we do to stop this man and his supporters from becoming the societal norm?


Stand up for people you see being targeted. Contradict those who speak out in hate not because you’re going to do anything to change their mind, but to make it clear that not everyone, especially not the majority, agree with their opinion. You can be kind to everyone you meet. Be inclusive, be generous, be loving, be supportive. Refrain from judgment. Refrain from bullying other people because they do not look like you, follow the same religion as you (if any religion at all), speak the same language as you, or are not the same sex (or like the same sex) as you.


Stop hating. Start loving.